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Clara Perlmutter wears Pianegonda

The social media star Clara Perlmutter wears Pianegonda

Pianegonda stands among the most appreciated brands in the world of social media. Among the many faces choosing Pianegonda for special events is Clara Perlmutter, known on social media as @tinyjewishgirl. Clara, a Jewish-American star with nearly 1 million followers on TikTok, has worn the Assoluto silver necklace for her most important evenings.

The highly followed influencer is part of the so-called weird girl aesthetic, with always original and personalized outfits that are completely independent from current trends. The trend takes inspiration from the Harajuku style, the name of the Tokyo district where its supporters dressed without specific norms between the 1990s and 2000s, emphasizing freedom and personal expression.

And it is precisely this nonconformity that aligns Clara with the Pianegonda style, where there are no creative barriers, but rather a disruptive aesthetic and a contemporary design with a modern and provocative language that tells stories of inclusivity, independence, and self-awareness.

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