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Necklace ARCANA

925‰ sterling silver collar necklace with 451 black spinels and black gun
Weight 28.19 g

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Product details

Weight: 28.19 g

Sizes: Ø 125 mm

Finishes: black gun galvanic plated

Stones: Spinel

Necklace ARCANA. Metals


All the Pianegonda jewelry is made of sterling silver, masterfully finished using traditional jewelry techniques and galvanic baths that ensure its appearance will last over time

Necklace ARCANA. Stones


The name of this mineral comes from the Latin word spina meaning “thorn”, due to the characteristic pointed shape of its crystals. It can be found in various shades from black to red, due to the presence of elements such as chromium, iron, cobalt, and vanadium, and is characterized by high hardness. Until the 19th century, there was no distinction between red Spinel and Ruby and only later it was identified as a separate gemstone.




Polished surfaces reflect gothic shapes of intertwining lines and curves that give life to sharp angles.



Pianegonda packaging

Pianegonda jewels are shipped with the original case and shopper.