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Pianegonda was featured on Vogue Italia!


Pianegonda was featured on Vogue Italia this week with a special close-up on Incipit collection.
The article shines a light on Pianegonda’s affinity to nature and its pure forms, while also stressing how Incipt’s design is inspired by the moon, its phases and cyclical nature, always aligned with the concept of femininity and bearer of mystical symbols of introspection, strength and spirituality.

The name for the collection, in fact, derives from Latin and it literally means “it starts”, suggesting a new beginning of sorts.

The collection features a bracelet and different models of earrings and rings in 925% silver with elements of 9 carats pink gold.
Incipit was designed to match different looks on different occasions, being developed with innovative techniques, in the quest to achieve modern jewelry characterized by excellent craftmanship and wearability.