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Pianegonda jewelry hits Milan Fashion Week

Pianegonda jewelry was seen all over Milan Fashion Week this past week, as worn by a group of the most influential models and celebrities from the fashion and lifestyle jet set.

Many talents have chosen to wear Pianegonda’s jewelry collections to attend the most important and exclusive events taking place from February 21st to 27th.

Jessica Aidi, married to Paris Saint-Germain football player Marco Verratti, wore a jewelry set from Scripta collection, matching stone-embellished rings and bracelet to her casual outfit; international trend-setters Candela Pelizza and Maria Bernad both picked the most sought-after jewelry pieces from Foedus collection, styling silver necklaces, earrings and rings to their chic and unconventional outfits to attend all major fashion shows.

Cinema also fell for Pianegonda: young actresses Valeria Bilello, Ludovica Nasti and Sarah Maestri all wore key-pieces from Tecum and Foedus collections during events in their busy fashion week schedule.

Pianegonda’s ethos is strictly intertwined with fashion, cinema and design: the collaboration with talents orbiting around these worlds was only the natural result of a wider communication project, that sees the brand aligning itself with strong women and men, capable of interpreting innovative jewelry pieces in a spontaneous yet elegant way.

While the celebrity placements had high resonance during Fashion Week, Pianegonda was also the main attraction in Tortona Fashion District, with a billboard in central Via Tortona, next to White Trade show and where all the main fashion shows took place.

Once again, Pianegonda marks its presence to international events related to fashion and design, stressing its affinity to both industries and promoting a clear image, aligned with a luxury lifestyle attitude.