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Pianegonda and Istituto Marangoni launch “Harmonic Resonances”


Milan, May 6th 2022. Pianegonda and Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design renew their partnership by presenting the project “Harmonic Resonances”. The aim of this initiative is to discover, support and boost young creative talents from all over the world, who are currently attending Istituto Marangoni’s Fine Jewellery Design Master’s course.

Once again, Pianegonda’s aesthetic codes served as creative inspiration to mold new forms, always bearing in mind that jewelry pieces are no common objects but meaningful, often symbolic elements. Each jewel is in fact a sparkle lighting up a bigger tale, the drop enclosing an entire universe, capable of evoking personal stories and far-flung places. A new, unspoiled creative journey, conceived to embed meanings and treasure memories.


The 8 collections proposed by the Master’s students – through words, sketches, images and then prototyped by the brand – each tells a different story, creative thought and feeling. However, all of them are inspired by recurring key-words such as nature, transformation, lightness and rebirth, all of which are extremely linked to Pianegonda’s essence.

The jewelry collections were presented last night with an exclusive event in Pianegonda’s Milan boutique in Via Gesù 3.

This collaboration with Istituto Marangoni, which each year welcomes 4.000 students from all over the world in its Milan, London, Florence, Paris, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzen and Miami schools and from which some of today’s most relevant designers came out, confirms Pianegonda’s commitment as a contemporary luxury jewelry brand investing in young students, giving them a platform to express their talent.

Bros Manifatture, Pianegonda’s parent company also owning Brosway, Rosato and S’Agapo, keeps investing in forming young people by giving them guidance throughout their educational path and by starting a dialogue that could turn into a future collaboration within the Group’s brand portfolio.