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Pianegonda dresses the world of cinema during "Marateale - Premio Internazionale Basilicata"

Pianegonda played a key role as the Official Sponsor of the 15th edition of “Marateale – Premio Internazionale Basilicata”, held in Italy from the 25th to the 29th of July.
In an international atmosphere, a rich schedule of events, meetings, screenings, and awards have described life, art and environment through cinema from different perspectives. 
Pianegonda dresses the world of cinema during the most important moment of the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea”, Marateale, awarding with its design jewelry such celebrities as Giancarlo Giannini, Carlo Verdone, Lino Banfi, Barbara d’Urso, Francesca Fagnani, Edoardo Leo, Rocco Papaleo, Ron Moss, the actors of the Italian Tv Series “Mare fuori”, Pio & Amedeo, Marco Bocci, Ema Stokholma, Ermal Meta, the producers Tarak Ben Ammar and Gianluca Curti, Madalina Ghenea, Roberto Ciufoli, Roberta Giarrusso, Silvia Salemi, Jane Alexander.
Pianegonda continues to uphold its strong commitment to art and culture by actively participating in the most prestigious events within the industry. These include the Nastri d’Argento, the Venice Film Festival, Cortinametraggio, and many others, placing particular emphasis on promoting and recognizing emerging talents.