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Pianegonda and Negri Firman Pr & Communication announce collaboration for USA market

Pianegonda and Negri Firman Pr & Communication announce collaboration for USA market

Pianegonda is pleased to announce the appointment of Negri Firman PR & Communication as its new representative for the USA market. Negri Firman will handle all communication activities: from digital and traditional public relations to social media management and VIP/celebrity placements. The collaboration starts on April 1st, with Negri Firman coordinating media appointments and interviews at international trade and consumer events for the brand.

This partnership is particularly meaningful, given Pianegonda’s global expansion strategy with a key focus on the North American market and the recent appointment of new Creative Director Betony Vernon.

Bold shapes, silver jewelry and a unique attitude are the characteristics making Pianegonda an exclusive luxury brand since the 90s. Negri Firman’s New York and Los Angeles offices will support Pianegonda in telling the world the unique story behind the newly-launched “Assoluto” and the other core collections that have now become iconic design pieces.

The ambassador for Pianegonda’s new attitude is Anna Cleveland, the iconic model muse of many international fashion brands such as Bulgari, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Lanvin. Anna stars in the latest Pianegonda advertising campaign, which transports us into a zero gravity atmosphere, with an ultra-futuristic mood aimed at revealing the secrets of the universe.

PIANEGONDA is an Italian design jewelry brand born in the 90s and acquired by Bros Manifatture Group in 2015. A trailblazer in the creation of bold silver jewelry, PIANEGONDA’s vision is to dissolve creative boundaries with disruptive aesthetics that foster independence and self-confidence. Pianegonda is synonym with Italian lifestyle and promotes new expressive freedom.

Negri Firman PR & Communication is a luxury global media company with headquarters in Milan and offices in New York, Los Angeles and London.