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It's all about being

It’s all about being. A self-affirmation that doesn’t need any explanation, adjective or definition.

It’s all about being: it’s up to every single one of us to decide who we are, following our deepest instincts and overcoming our limits, building a self-narrative that goes beyond societal façades, striving to find personal awareness in communicating our most intimate self to others, while trying to express ourselves, freely.

How can we really be ourselves? We find complete self-realisation when we commit to breeding our talent passionately and we leave space for our potential to explode, without fear, conscious that only sky is the limit.

It is from this thought that the new communication campaign for Pianegonda was born, where “it’s all about being”, a never-ending mantra whispered to one-self, is in full truth an invitation to look within ourselves, to discover our unique essence and beauty, to treasure the distinctive traits defining our being.

Serena De Ferrari

Daniela Scattolin

Rocco Fasano

Miguel Karakaz

The main characters in Pianegonda’s new narrative are four young emerging artists paving their way in the cinema and music industries, who, for a moment, show us their truest self, in an introspective journey that leads them to a deep reflection on what it really means to “just be” and to embrace their diversity, without labels and categorisations.

Serena De Ferrari, Rocco Fasano, Daniela Scattolin and Miguel Karakaz embody the essence of Pianegonda: a surprising composition of new faces interpreting sensual jewelry in a contemporary, authentic and spontaneous way, in disruptive yet sophisticated images.
An open invitation to anyone to reflect on who we really are or rather who we really want to be. A call to go through a personal journey leading to complete self-realisation.