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Imperfectum: beauty lies in imperfection – Co-lab Pianegonda by Marcantonio


Milan, June 8th 2022. IMPERFECTUM is the name of the jewelry capsule collection created for Pianegonda by Italian artist and designer Marcantonio and exclusively presented during Milano Design Week 2022.

A co-lab that is more a creative contamination of ideas, aligning the Italian jewelry brand to the worlds of art and design. To develop IMPERFECTUM, Marcantonio drew inspiration from the ancient Japanese technique of Kintsugi, reinterpreting it into a new concept of contemporary jewelry.

A capsule collection made of 7 pieces, where single different elements are joined together through a golden thread, which renews their beauty by evoking their unique essence. The “art of mending” becomes the main narrative of an artistic approach that turns imperfect elements into a new form of beauty, molding new shapes and creating a new story. For beauty also lies in imperfection.

“I’ve encapsulated time into jewelry, with items that evoke different memories in a dynamic that tells a story by putting mis-matched parts and materials together”, said Marcantonio.

The Pianegonda by Marcantonio co-lab opened Milano Design Week 2022 with a press conference held in the brand’s boutique in Milan, during which the designer and Pianegonda’s C.E.O. Lanfranco Beleggia introduced the collection to the Italian and international press. For the occasion, a thematic installation was staged in the boutique and will be open to the public from June 7th to 12th.

Marcantonio for Pianegonda

With IMPERFECTUM, Marcantonio explored the Pianegonda aesthetics through his creative vision, designing jewelry pieces that are much more than luxurious accessories and can be defined as authentic design objects.

The collection will be available to purchase in selected Pianegonda stores around the world starting from October 2022.