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Francesca Inaudi Sparkles in Pianegonda Jewelry

Francesca Inaudi Sparkles in Pianegonda Jewelry at the 2023 Venice Film Festival

Acclaimed actress Francesca Inaudi arrived at the Lido di Venezia for the 2023 Venice Film Festival wearing exquisite Pianegonda jewelry that added a touch of glamour to her appearance. The accomplished actress took part in a press conference related to her role in the film “L’ordine del tempo“, directed by Liliana Cavani.

Francesca, known for her exceptional performances on screen, took center stage at the renowned Venice Film Festival wearing the stunning pieces from Assoluto collection. The jewelry perfectly complemented her elegance and poise, adding a radiant allure to her presence.

The 2023 Venice Film Festival served as a fitting backdrop for the captivating synergy between Francesca Inaudi and Pianegonda. As the festival celebrates the art of cinema, Inaudi’s choice to wear Pianegonda jewelry underscores the seamless blend of cinematic artistry with the craftsmanship of fine jewelry.

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