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Fashion influencer Cristina Musacchio was a guest last Monday in the Pianegonda Boutique in via Gesù in Milan.
With over 1 million followers on Instagram, the beautiful dark-eyed blonde with her sophisticated look chose to wear the Vinctum collection, chains that are transformed into modern and metropolitan jewels in perfect harmony with the contemporary environment.
Cristina’s motto is “Be you, but cooler“, her advice to fashion lovers is to dare, focus on something casual to customize with an exaggerated accessory: it is important to find a detail that allows you to stand out and at the same time face feel themselves.
And this is what she also wanted for her and for her look, a white t-shirt enhanced by Pianegonda creations, important volumes accompanied by lightness and therefore easy to wear in everyday life.
The philosophy of the brand is to satisfy the desires of the dynamic woman who loves to express her personality in absolute freedom. A sporty and at the same time elegant, enterprising and always perfect woman.