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Cookies Policy

What are cookies and what are they used for?
Cookies are small bits of text sent to the user’s browser and automatically stored on your device when you visit a website like our. Cookies enable a safe and efficient navigation and improve the performance of the website. They can convey to the owner of the website different kinds of information for statistical or promotional purposes, in order to custom your navigation experience remembering your preferences. For instance they can remember your favorite language and currency and set them in your following sessions without asking them again.

What kind of cookies we use and why?
Our website uses many kinds of cookies and other similar techniques, each of them has a specific function. Shown below the cookies we use.

Session cookies
They are generated in the first session. They enable the website to work correctly and faster and enable you to display the contents on your device identifying your language and the country you are connected from. If you are a registered user, you will be recognized and be able to enter the services in reserved areas. Session cookies are technical and they are necessary for the website to work. This is why they cannot be disabled.

Functional cookies
These cookies are able to recognize you in your following sessions (if you allow them) so that you won’t be asked again to enter your information in each visit. If you add a product in your cart and quit without completing the purchase and removing it, you will be able to continue your shopping next time you visit again the website – before a certain date – with that same product in the cart. Functional cookies are not essential for the website to work, but they improve its quality and navitagion experience.

Analytics cookies
These cookies are used to develop statistical analysis about how users surf our website. The website can use third part services that in a independent way install their own cookies.

Marketing cookies and first and third part user profiling
These cookies are used to create a profile of the user in order to send him promotional messages that meet his preferences shown during his previous visits or to improve his navigation experience. While you surf our webiste, these cookies are useful to show you items you may like or similar to the ones you’ve already displayed. Third part cookies are sent by our trusted business partners, they enable us to show you our commercial proposal on different websites (retargeting). We don’t control information supplied by third part cookies and we cannot access them. This information is totally controlled by these third part societies complying with relevant legislation.

Social network cookies
These cookies are necessary to enable your social accounts to interact with our website. For instance they are needed to like and share posts with your friends on social networks. They are not essential for navigation.

How can you disable cookies and set your preferences?
Most of browsers are configurable and let you accept, control or disable cookies. Please note: if you disable session cookies and functional cookies, this might prevent the website from displaying correctly or restrict the service we offer. These are the instructions to follow to manage your cookies settings in most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer:

For more information about cookies and to manage your preferences about third part user profiling cookies please visit:
To disable analytics cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting data about your navigation habits, you can download the specific plugin here: