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Chiara Biasi wears tecum collection to attend Chiara Ferragni’s event

Chiara Biasi wears Tecum Collection Pianegonda

May 10th, 2022. “With you” is the meaning behind the name of Pianegonda’s Tecum collection, which model and influencer Chiara Biasi chose to wear to celebrate her bond with her friend Chiara Ferragni, while attending her exclusive birthday party in Sicily at Villa Igiea – Rocco Forte Hotels.

A perfect match of chains embracing each other, locked together by an infinity-shaped clasp: Chiara Biasi picked the Pianegonda jewelry pieces that resonated the most with her, pairing them with a total black, always glamourous look.

Tecum collection is a statement that does not go unnoticed and which narrates the ethos of a brand that young consumers choose to wear, as it interprets the latest fashion and design trends.

As a social media personality with a great deal of followers, Chiara is frequently linked to the fashion system thanks to her contemporary and unconventional attitude, a character she also shows by often choosing Pianegonda to elevate her finest fashion moments.