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Chiara Biasi wears Incipit by Pianegonda


Worldwide renowned influencer and model Chiara Biasi chose to wear the new precious jewels from Pianegonda’s Incipit collection to attend a gala dinner in Milan, Italy, thrown by Italian NGO “The Children For Peace” at exclusive Palazzo Parigi on November 19th.

The event promoted a fundraise to bring awareness and resources to children in need, living in condition of poverty and distress in developing countries: a very important cause that particularly resonates with the ethos of a brand like Pianegonda, always promoting authentic values of social justice and inclusion.

For the occasion, Chiara lit up her look with the most elegant and refined jewelry pieces from Incipit: earrings, a combination of two bracelets and a ring, whose design is inspired by the moon and embodies a strong feminine attitude with a powerful aesthetic allure.

With Incipit, Pianegonda keeps on drawing inspiration from nature and modern architecture, with creations that are authentic wearable sculpture, for women with a keen eye for contemporary and bold design, always looking for impeccable quality and versatility.