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Care Instructions

All Pianegonda jewels are realized in 925% sterling silver, skillfully crafted by using traditional jewelry techniques and treated with galvanic baths that guarantee their beauty over time.

It is recommendet to protect Pianegonda jewelry from impacts, contact with abrasive surfaces and heat sources, in order to keep their beauty unaffected.

To keep away from chemical substances, perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine. It is advisable to take the jewels off while practicing sport, at the beach and under the shower. Keep the jewels in their original packaging or in their appropriate bag after wearing them.

For regular cleaning of the jewel it is advisable to use a soft and dry cloth, slightly damp with water or specific products. Let the jewel dry thoroughly. Do not clean the jewel with detergents or chemical substances, warm water or ultrasonic systems. 

In case of jewels with finishes, we recommend to pay a particular attention, since these treatments are delicate, so it is advisable to not clean them too vigorously and to avoid any contact with surfaces and materials that could damage the finish (galvanic).